3 Unique Ways To Transform Your Spare Room

So you’ve got a spare room that you don’t quite know what to do with it. Often, the default is office or guest room. But, what happens if you’ve already got those covered? Below are a few other unique ideas of things you can do with a spare room:


Dark Room

Are you into photography? Get black, deep red or dark velvety curtains to go over the windows (if there are any) in the spare room. Make sure they are super heavy and thick, to shut out all light. If you wish to go really professional, you can probably find real light eliminating curtains or shades in a camera store. Hang clothing lines around the walls, towards the ceiling, to pin your developing images to. Get a simple table that doesn’t cost much to do your developing on (in addition to all the proper equipment, of course) and get rolling stools, so you can easily move around the room as you work. Make sure to either remove any expensive carpeting since chemicals are bound to spill, or to obtain a cheap rug to cover up the floor. And don’t forget that all-important sign on the door that says “Knock before entering! Photo developing in process!” or something to that extent.


Recording Studio

You’d be amazed at just how much equipment can be fit into a small guest room sized area. If you’ve been meaning to put more time into a podcast you wish to create, or into creating demo tapes to give to agents, you’ll definitely be encouraged to get it done if you put up a studio right in your house! Be sure to get those foam mats to line the walls with to make the room sound proof. You don’t want people hearing you when you’re learning how to sing high notes! Experiment with moving objects around within the room, to change the echo. This will be relevant because when practicing things like singing vocal vibrato, just the slightest bad echo and everything goes awry. And lastly, decorate the room with images that inspire and relax you. When you’re practicing your breathing exercises for singing, you want to be channeling something motivating!


Pastry Fridge/Pantry

Are you an aspiring chef? Do you teach lessons out of your home, or you’d like to and you’re always attempting to cram your professional ingredients into the fridge with the rest of your family or roommate’s stuff? Treat yourself to one of those giant, walk-in professional chef refrigerators. You’ll have room for those giant Tupper wares of mass ingredients that you’re saving, or for large trays of completed dishes and of course the bulk buys that chefs have to make