A Quick Look At The NetGear N600 Router

Most homeowners have more than one computer and one Internet link. This scenario called for a means to distribute the Web for each computer. The NetGear N600 makes this job easy to handle for the average household user.

This quick NetGear N600 review will list its main attributes and cons and provide an overall worth for money ratio.

What can make it worth your money?

The router is easy to setup. Its user interface tends to make it easy to handle even by the average user, becoming intuitive and wizard assisted. Its main characteristic is the USB slot that helps make it easy to connect a hard dr as a network storage resource. The router also supports true dual band, IPv6 and cloud based mostly storage. When an external generate is connected to its USB port, the router can make use of its cloud primarily based storage solution to make the content available over the internet for its user. being a class N router, the NetGear N600 supports the newest wireless technology, enabling higher switch rates.

The Cons

The NetGear N600 wndr3700 is an excellent device but not without flaw. Unfortunetly it doesn’t support the newer and faster 450 Mbps wireless standard and its cloud storage function could use some enhancement. However, the vast majority of laptops still rely on the wireless N standard and the new 450 Mbps would basically mean an overkill as it would most probably be useless to the average user.

The Bottom Line

The NetGear N600 router is a fantastic device for an average computer user. It provides enough functions to sustain a simple home community. The USB cloud storage attribute is also a major asset that everybody could enjoy. searching down at the cons, there is not much to say. From the value for money perspective the N600 is a great device and few others can offer the same attributes in its price range.