Citizens Come Together over Staten Island Water Damage

Floods are typically a end result of natural phenomena like storms or torrential rains. Rivers have a tendency to overflow inflicting levees and dams to break, which can result in several thousands of gallons of water streaming throughout neighborhoods and communities. Billions of dollars of wrecked houses, buildings and properties are strewn across the land in their wake. Submerged houses, flood-swept cars, broken bridges – such are typical situations commonly related with heavy flooding. Nonetheless, not all floods are caused by natural causes. Floods can be brought on by failures or damages to manmade fixtures and facilities. Such was the case at the Aspen Knolls Estates in the Greenridge community when the main water line ruptured, leading to considerable water damage Staten Island to close by houses and cars.


The trouble began when Aspen Knolls residents reported that a continuous flow of water was streaming down the street, and was originating from an spot next to the estate’s pool. A plumbing corporation came and dug the streets in an attempt to find the source of the water leakage. They never did. Five days later, the main water line abruptly busts sending thousands of gallons of water out into the streets, and triggering severe water damage Staten Island to homes near the vicinity.


citizens were caught unaware as floodwaters from the busted pipelines came rushing to their front door. Water was gushing for 4 torrential hours, leaving at least 18 inches of stagnant water in the garage or at the basements of impacted properties, triggering water damage Staten Island. residents did not have time to prepare their respective houses for this variety of damage, ensuing to several materials and possessions ruined by the flood. soaked carpets had to be removed, while the rest of the Furniture and appliances experienced serious water damage Staten Island. Twelve hours right after the incident, puddles of water still collected in driveways, while the main street was caked in mud. Crews from the City Department of Environmental Protection managed to shut off the rushing water that appeared like a geyser with water spewing out numerous feet into the air and onto the streets and homes. 150 residents were without water while the major supply lines were being fixed.


The management of Aspen Knolls Estates provided a maintenance staff to power wash driveways and clear any remaining dirt and grime from the flood. Nonetheless, they could not offer restoration work for water damage Staten Island that transpired within the interiors of a home. This upset several critics pointing out that it should be the responsibility of the estates to offer such restoration assistance to residents. Many are questioning why the water mains busted in the first place and are attributing that to sloppy work when the estates were founded. They pointed out that close by neighborhoods have pipelines that are over a hundred years old but are still intact In spite of frequent use and had in no way encountered problems like water damage Staten Island.


citizens scrambled to save whatever possessions they have from the flood, as a flurry of individuals moved to and from their houses, moving several goods to dry places in a bid to protect them from the flood. The City Department of Environmental Protection provided support by using pumps to clear away floodwater that accumulated in these houses. Families were also supplied momentary relocation to a Red Cross facility while restoration work are being completed on their homes and mitigate water damage Staten Island.