Eight Often Forgotten House Safety Suggestions You Should Use

Most homeowners today, take some steps to help make their home security better. They buy cameras and they spend many hours reading up on top security system blog. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners frequently forget to take the simple steps that could lead to a much safer home.

In this article I’ll go over eight often overlooked home security tips that you can use to make your home safer. We’ll talk about the things you can do both in your yard and inside your house.

Tip 1

The first tip that you should follow is to make sure you don’t leave things out in your yard. Just because something is in your yard doesn’t mean that it is safe. In fact, items can easily be stolen from your yard while you are inside watching television. Bring these items inside and you won’t have to worry about this problem.

Tip 2

Make sure your entire yard is well-lit. Criminals love dark yards because they are a great environment to steal things in. Light up your entire yard and there won’t be any safe hiding places for criminals. This can be done through solar security lights as well as traditional grid-powered lights.

Tip 3

Since you’re adding lights to every area of your yard, you might as well add lights to your house number also. This can be done by purchasing a back-lit number display for your home, or it can be done by simply shining a light onto your street address. The reason you want a well-lit house number is so that the authorities can quickly find your home to offer assistance to you.

Tip 4

The next tip is to place thorny bushes down below your first floor windows. Low placement will ensure that criminals can’t hide behind them and the thorns will hurt them if they try to climb through your window.

Tip 5

Make sure you have double locks on your front door. A double locking system looks more intimidating to a thief and is genuinely more secure than a single locking system.

Tip 6

While you’re working on your door, make sure that you get a deadbolt that uses a key lock on both sides. This will ensure that criminals can’t bash side windows open only to reach through and unlock your front door.

Tip 7

Put your alarm’s keypad system at your front entrance as well as your master bedroom. Placing a keypad system in your master bedroom will ensure that you can turn your night time alarm on and off from your bedroom. This will increase the likelihood that you will actually use your alarm and will cut down on false alarms as well. Remember, you can read up on top cellular alarm system company review all you want, but if you never use your alarm, it won’t help you.

Tip 8

Make sure you close the curtains and blinds. Criminals hate invading homes that they can’t see into. Closed curtains create uncertainty in the minds of criminals and may cause them to leave for fear of what might be on the other side of the curtain.