Hiring a Good Custom Home Builder

Hiring a decent general contractor can be a lengthy and tricky process, and for a reason. It is important that you hire a general contractor that knows what their responsibilities are, and able to carry them through with skill, diplomacy and with great communication. Being a contractor is probably one of the most challenging jobs to do, and doing it well is even that much harder.

Good general contractors should:
Communicate well with the architects and designers for the project. Typically a general contractor will meet with the architect or designer way in advance of the project start, and discuss and review what will take place. If there are any problems, the architect may look to the general contractor for workable solutions, as they should have a full working knowledge of the property and what needs to be done.

A good general contractor should also have some good design ideas to throw into the mix, while also respecting your decisions. It’s always a blessing to have a general contractor who can suggest unusual and interesting ways of doing things, especially if they are innovative or economical. But it’s a fine line between coming up with new ideas, and respecting the home owner’s decisions. You want someone who can suggest alternative ways of doing things, but who ultimately understands that it’s your house and your taste, and that you’re the one who’s paying them those huge wads of cash at the end of the day, not the other way around!  With the recent downturn in the housing market, there are only a few areas that are still seeing growth and new homes being built.  This makes it very difficult to find good custom home builders to work with.  Indianapolis general contractors seem to be one of the areas that is still seeing growth and new homes being built.  The custom home builders Carmel Indiana has to offer is absolutely amazing.  Not that you can bring them out to your city, but it is truly impressive to see the quality of homes being built in those areas.

The general contractor is also responsible for getting all of the bids for the project. It is important to have a good general contractor that has a large sub-contractor group to choose from and is able to get multiple bids for various aspects of the project. Be wary of someone who fobs you off, saying that good ole’ Stan will take care of everything. Insist on getting at least two or three written bids for every job, and evaluate them accordingly.

In addition to all of those ideas, your general contractor also has to be able to manage the project with good communication between the sub-contractors and you the client.  With good communication skills also comes the need to keep good accurate financial records for the project.  In reading a review on one of the best general contractors Indianapolis has to offer, their client said that they were very impressed with the general contractor’s ability to provide accurate and detailed estimates throughout the entire project and they were never hit with a surprise invoice at the end.  That truly defines a good general contractor.  So when hiring a general contractor, make sure they come with very good reviews from actual clients.