Home storage problems – an elegant solution.

Well designed bookcases are a welcome addition to any home, especially the home of a booklover. A professionally designed bookcase is a great choice for people who want elegant anduseful furniture to use in the home. Furniture items such as a computer desk, act as both a decorative and functional item of furniture. The computer desk, if it is the type with drawers underneath, can be used as as storage space for paper and other office materials. However, bookcases can hold a lot of other things in addition to books. Here are a few practical tips for deciding upon bookcases for your home.

1 Where the Bookcase will beplaced:
One of the things you should give consideration to when deciding on made to measure bookcases is where they will be sited. You will also be able to select a bookcase which fitsa corner of your living room, or maybe even take up one whole wall if you havemany things to store in it. In any event, you really should havean idea of where you will place the bookcase even before you even begin to give consideration to the design .

2 Stationary or Fitted:
If you are the type of person who likes to move the furniture in their home around, for a new look every season, or perhaps you have sudden urges to redecorate, then choose a bookcase which is easy to move. Made to measure furniture is, without a doubt the very best choice if you know that where you will be fitting the bookcase will be its permanent place in the home,

3 The Height of Rows
Choosing made to measure shelving will give you the freedom to decide on things like the height and width of each shelf. It is therefore important that you know how tall the books you will be placing in the bookcase are, as well as any other decorative items and collectibles you will be placing. If you can measure the books you will be storing by inches, then that would be the best thing to do. You should also measure any knick knacks, decorative items, collectibles, and even bookends which you will be placing inside the bookcase to ensure everything will fit.