How to Banish Boredom From your Bedroom

Are you bored in the bedroom? No, I’m not talking about your love life. I’m talking about your bedroom décor. The master bedroom is one of the simplest rooms to beautify. If you’re bored with your bedroom, you don’t have to consult an interior designer. All you have to do is alter a few basic items. Here are some strategies that will have the most influence on the smallest budget.

The Bedding-the bed occupies the most visual space in most bedrooms. Just replacing the bedspread can make a world of difference. If you like your bedspread, but want a change, look at adding a pop of color with patterned pillows or a fresh color of paint on the headboard wall.

Add a Headboard-if the head of your bed is unexciting, don’t fear. An open wall leaves plenty of possibility for creativeness. You can easily make a headboard by covering simple plywood with batting and material. The color and texture you select will add excitement or class depending on the route you’d like to go. An elegant beige silk or velvet with tufts and buttons will add sophistication. Informal fabrics like denim and broadcloth create a relaxed feel while bright colors and patterns like stripes or plaids are playful and fun.

Other Headboard Options-you don’t actually have to have a headboard per se. You can create a faux window by hanging curtains on the wall over your bed. Combine picture frames in rows of coordinating sizes for a big impression. You can repurpose old cabinet doors or hang a large six-pane window frame. A faux brick wall will add texture and personality. Try a big piece of lattice laced with silk flowers for a feminine effect. The choices are as limitless as your imagination.

Footnotes-Stepping away from the headboard region for a minute, consider your footboard area. Footboards are less common than headboards but whether you have one or not, this area can add personality to any room. Consider a bench in a matching or complementary color to your bedspread. A chest or a couple of fun chairs can make a big difference. Even a throw rug can add an sudden pop of color.

When it comes to master bedroom interior design, not everyone can find the money for a professional interior design expert. Be resourceful and don’t be afraid to try something different. Look online and in magazines to inspire some ideas and give it a try. Most of these enhancements are not costly, so if they don’t turn out to be your favorite new thing, you’re not out very much. Just don’t settle for monotonous in your master bedroom.