How to install a plasma or LCD on the wall?

Plasma’s optimize much space in the rooms if the walls are installed, since it does not need a table to stop them. Is a solution that also makes more comfortable view of the screen and can be left at a height greater than that generally have tables or TV rack. In addition, fixed media is leaving the Plasma Installation others allow only vertical movement and the most complete stop to accommodate the screen horizontally and vertically. You can also make another difference with arm supports and the wall separating the TV.

The biggest problem when installing a TV in the wall is nowhere to hide electrical cords that are hanging. So the project includes a new plug just behind the Plasma Installation.

• Set the height and location of the screen and try to stay behind the screen, mark location of the outlet box.

• From the box, and using the conduit, mark the route tube up to the power output.

• With hammer and chisel, chop all the defined area.

• Note the line to not spend the rest of the wall.

• The trench should be deep enough so that the conduit between the box comfortably.

• Remove the plug cover from the old and drop bolts.

• Loose cables and put duct tape on their ends.

• Cut with saw and conduit to the measurement from the current output to the new plug.

• Now the conduit can enter through holes in electrical boxes, it should be warm and slightly bend the ends at an angle to give the curve required.

• The conduit must be 3 cables of 2.5 meter MMS2: phase (black or red), earth (green) and neutral (white).

• Take Gypsum and fill the hole in the electrical box ensuring that the pastes leave it still. • Let the plaster dry wall and pasta to completion.

• First make the connection in the plug will give new energy to the plasma. It should be a bridge between the 2 jacks. This bridge is made with pieces of same cables, fixing screws into the holes.

• Following the order of the wires placed on the bridge, the connection is made with the wires coming from the conduit. That is white on white line, green line of green and black or red in their location.

• After making the connection to the wires that deliver power, not to remove power to the outlet and set the connection must be made in the second plate holes bringing the plug.

• It is important to respect the order of the cables.

• Screw the plate plugs.

• Put the lid of the plugs.