Interior Design: What You Need To Know

Interior Design Ideas For Singapore Home Owners Having a well-designed home doesn’t have to be costly. Most home owners think that interior design is an costly endeavor, but with smarts and shopping savvy, designing your home will be a breeze. While it’s true that shopping for quality materials for a design project would be pretty difficult , there are a variety of alternative supplies that you could always use to turn your project look like a million dollars. Here are a few tips: 1. Use window inserts and mirrors. Mirrors are widely used to make homes look more roomy. With the use of mastics, home owners can attach small mirrors to walls to seem like a functional piece of art. Window inserts meanwhile serve more than keeping homes cool and warm. Inserts can also serve as a great decoration to make your home more shabby chic and comfortable. 2. Painting techniques. Painting patterns or murals can save you money from purchasing expensive artworks or wrapping your walls in wallpapers. it’s also effective in breathing life to a bedroom. Painting designs could also come in handy in turning a kid’s room into a beautiful nursery, or turning a library into a cozy receiving area for visitors. 3. Making use of tiles for wall decor. The use of tiles doesn’t have to be limited to the bathroom and kitchen. In the Middle East, tiles are even used as table tops and as wall decorations. No matter what design influence you want to achieve, tiles can turn a room seem contemporary or a bit ethnic. If you think about it, Singapore interior design is a mix of four ethnic influences, not to mention Western design sensibilities. Maybe tiles can aid you on enhancing the interior design Singapore seem you want your home to have. 4. Making use of crown moldings. Crown moldings, in case you did not know, are pieces of carved wood bonded to the point where your ceiling and walls meet. Often found in country homes, they could make any home seem stylishly old-fashioned. For related articles on interior designer or visit