Make Space And Recycle

When it comes to doing up the home and giving it a new lease of life, this is the time of year when most people will decide to give it a go. Most of us would call this the spring clean and after the winter, we take advantage of the fact that the warmer weather is coming so we start to clear out cupboards and wardrobes etc. It is at this time of year when we can throw out items that we have not worn for the past year.


These days money is quite tight for a lot of people so it is not possible to change our furniture on a regular basis. We like to make sure our homes look good so that we don’t lose interest in them. If you want to make a difference to a room then all that is necessary is the purchase of new accessories provided of course that we don’t fall into the habit of hoarding the items we are replacing.


During the summer months, there are many fetes held in villages around the country. You can help out your local community by donating items that you no longer want and you then won’t have to worry about getting rid of them yourself.


These events can also be the perfect opportunity for you to find some new items. You will find that most of the items for sale at these local events look like new because they are in such good condition. When there isn’t much spare cash floating round, this can be great way to make space in the home, whilst having the opportunity of finding a couple of ideal items which will look great in your home.


There are even some small groups of mothers who have their own way of recycling furniture from one home to another. This is something that will work really well if the group have similar tastes and are of the same age. They enjoy it, the life of the furniture is extended and, best of all, it’s free.


In the case of most modern furniture, nothing beats white. For those of you wishing for a change to your home’s decor, a white bedside table or even a white dressing table can work wonders.