New Advancements for the Always-present Recycling Bins

Recycling bins that are to be used for the London Olympics this 2012 are being redesigned to make them truly a part of our modern times. Bombproof recycling bins equipped with LCD screens that feature latest and breaking news have been recently developed by a business based in London.

Two former students from the London School of Economics established the company who created this which they call Renew. This project’s goal is to install one hundred bombproof recycling bins in the financial district of London before the Olympics open in July.

Kaveh Memari, the CEO of Renew mentioned in an interview,, “There has been hardly any innovation in this space. Rubbish bins have just been a box with a hole.” These recycling bins are transparent in color are elevated on the ground through a pole. There is a plastic rucksack to catch the rubbish or recyclable items. Given that the rucksacks are transparent, bombs and other dangerous items which can be thrown at them can be easily seen.

The London City authorities have been reluctant to place recycling bins in these busy areas especially in the Underground stations because of the threats made by the Irish Republican Army and other terror groups. The same situation also happened during the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 where a bomb which was placed on a trash container in Athlete’s Park killed lots of individuals. Moreover, fifty two deaths were also reported when a bomb placed on a bin near the entrance of the Underground Station in Aldgate, East London detonated on July 7, 2005.

The company said that Renew’s take on recycling bins is not just a simple waste management activity. He expressed “We don’t think this is just solving issues with recycling or bins. Yes it helps to go green and it helps to be safe, but this is also about usefulness.”

Since these bins have LCD screens, they can help disperse the news of possible attacks to panicked people. Memari added, “One big criticism from the 7/7 attacks were the lack of communication. The phone networks were down and there was nothing coming to people. But (with the Renew Recycling Bins) we could turn our screens into an emergency broadcast channel.”

The Steering Committee of the London Olympics itself lauded the concept, saying that Renew recycling bins screens can be very helpful during the Olympics. Congestion of traffic and other emergency situations are other examples of scenarios in which these additional channels of situation can help on.

The recycling bins have been developed with the funding from the Qatari Islamic Bank and cost around 25,000 British pounds each. A material that is four times stronger than steel was used for their construction. Renew will be the one taking care of the bins while the LCD access can be opened by content providers. These bins will promote safety and cleanliness during the London Olympics. With the Olympics as its first customers, Renew is now currently in discussion with Manhattan City and Singaporean authorities to make this new waste container available in their areas as well.