No Mains Services No Problem!

There are plenty of people throughout the UK that cannot access a mains gas line at the moment. It is because most of these homes are located in remote parts of the country and the cost of providing gas here would be huge, that there is no access. For small communities where there are only a few homes this can leave them without services which residents in the rest of the country probably take for granted.


A small number of properties situated in isolated locations don’t have mains electricity, and although this may appear romantic, particularly when it is being considered for a getaway holiday break, the actuality of living without mains power for more than a few days will test the strongest resolve. Thankfully there are alternatives to mains gas and electricity which are not only satisfactory but in many cases are better.


Mains water is another service that a number of rural homes cannot access. There are a surprising number of homes which may have other mains services but still have a private water supply. Even though the water quality is superb, people who want to buy such a property may have issues as to the source of the water supply etc. However, all that is required to solve the issue is an ordnance survey map and some time and effort!


Most of the homes that don’t have access to all of the mains services will find that it is gas that is missing. But there is a wonderful alternative in heating oil which is a great way to get central heating. There are many different companies able to deliver oil to the most rural of locations. However it is sensible to contact boilerjuice because they are great at giving the best deals for any location. It may also be possible to pay for the oil by direct debit, thus alleviating the worry of a large invoice.