Pay-TV: Several Things


? Individuals 3 women above (Chanelle, Claudia and Neena) make up Pay-TV and this might or might not function as cover of these long delinquent recording virtually primary from Sweden.

? When it is their own album cover, and that we think it’s, as it arrived an email asking where you can send recording promos to be able to, then its a cerebrovascular accident associated with genius.Evening Dresses

? It really is much like there exists a CSI offense picture in their home. Exactly where those are the those who are deceased.

? Of course, this is just the photoshoot and also this just isn’t their own user-friendly way of getting a few promotion, simply because absolutely nothing screams ‘headlines’ more than a double murder-suicide pact.

? The particular tune that they are plugging close to to try to obtain a ‘buzz’ proceeding again following your ‘buzz’ that they had in the past, when they have been superstars performing regarding Sweden in the Eurovision, is actually ‘Fashion Report’ and also this will be possibly what they’ve got selected to call their particular album following, or even and also we are starting to believe this is actually the situation, which could you need to be the actual single’s include above (which can be nonetheless amazing even if this is the case).Affordable Evening Dresses

? On their Bebo you can notice ‘Fashion Report’, which is fucking wonderful and not in the feeling that it is mistitled Natalie Imbruglia include.

? Additionally there is a model regarding Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’ on their own Myspace . com, which is highly listenable and much much better than Hilary Duff’s edition, which we had been addicted to for some time. In a word: amazing.

? Sadly — 🙁 : even though, their particular affects consist of George T Bush. Or perhaps, in an emoticon ‘flip’ : 🙂 : their album might include a track which is simply all of them record every single failing of Bush’s obama administration to date by incorporating disco music. We suggest calling this ‘Fuckwit’.Black Evening Dresses

? That final bit is merely the little idea that is not likely possible, due to the fact all of us doubt it might be practical to experience a track that is 28 hrs lengthy on their own record.