Potential Accidents that Grit Bins Can Stop

Grit bins play a very big part in minimizing the number of injuries that commonly arise during the winter season. The winter season holds the record of having the most number of hospitalizations and sick days because of the slip and fall injuries people suffer as they clear their driveways off snowfall or try to brave the slippery sidewalks. The following are the common injuries which can be prevented by grit bins and the reasons on how these devices can stop them.

  1. 1.            Broken bones. People often find themselves landing on their tailbones or using their hands to break their falls when they slip on an icy sidewalk. These results in two major bone breakages. Broken hip bones and femurs can be the result when the back severely hits the pavement. Head trauma from hitting the sidewalk and compact wrist and arm fractures which are a result of the use of handsh cushioning the fall are other examples of possible injuries. The needed traction and grip against the slippery ice on the sidewalk can be provided by grit bins. The added salt in the mixture inside grit bins liquefy the snow and ice while the grit mixture functions by providing traction that will stop possibilities of slipping and sliding accidents.

2.         Pulled and strained muscles. These injuries occur because many individuals opt to shovel snow themselves to clear a path for their doorstep or their driveway. When a snow shovel is used, a lot of pressure is placed on muscles of the arms and hands while gripping the device. The lower back muscles as well as the shoulder muscles are also susceptible to injuries because when the individual shoveling the snow lifts the shovel with the snow load, they use the muscles on their upper body instead of their legs. Stretching the muscles beyond their capacity results in their individual muscles having tears and strains. As a result, some people may even need medical assistance to move because of the intense and sharp pain they are experiencing. With grit bins, there is no longer a need to manually shovel the snow because ice can be melted and traction is provided to passersby and vehicles by the mixture inside it. Grit bins therefore help in ultimately lowering possibilites of injuries to happen.

As can be seen, grit bins provide some measure of relief and prevention from catastrophic injuries when they are properly maintained and used. Traction for vehicles and men are provided by the mixture inside these devices. Falling and slipping accidents are also prevented by the traction. These containers also lessen the chances of someone suffering from muscle strain due to manual shovelling of snow.  . The grit mixture’s salt helps in liquefying the snow by lowering the melting point of ice. When the snow becomes water, there is no more need to strain one’s back by doing menial work such as lifting a shovel full of snow and ice to create a path. Grit bins not only prevents possible injuries from happening but also saves people whose homes are situated in places where snow is normal.