Prepare Your Home for Later Years or Physical Disabilities

If you are getting older, consider yourself senior, have family members with disabilities, or maybe if you prefer to ready your home for future years, below are a few of what you can do on your renovation or build of the new home to make it a tad bit more functional.  Better to take into consideration it now, as opposed to later want.   

  1. Add blocking within the walls to allow for an excellent connection for grab bars.
  2. Make all doorways 36&rdquo wide or wider.
  3. Create walk-in showers.
  4. Be sure to create or suit the next shower bench plus a 
  5. shower wand.
  6. Incorporate high-seat toilets.
  7. Be sure all faucets have one single lever verses multiple handles.
  8. Keep washing machines low enough to arrive at from the chair. 

 We have even gone so far as to stack two 6&rsquox6&rsquo closets over one another on separate levels to get ready for that chance how the client may need a lift installed in the future. Keep in mind that though we don&rsquot like growing older, it happens to people.  Or, for those who have family members with disabilities, you would like them to get as comfortable as you can maneuvering throughout your own home provided they deal with you. 

If you are planning on growing older in the house you’re in today, take the time around the front from the renovation or new build to organize for functionality just in case situations arise where someone could possibly be in a wheelchair or needing extra assistance. 

Most items or ideas don&rsquot cost anymore than the standard products or construction methods. It can be as fundamental as making sure stained paper holder is close enough or a little more space is put in the toilet so a wheelchair can maneuver comfortably. 

Jacob Tankersley
Owner and CEO GB Group Construction