Reasons Why Termidor Termite Treatments Are Being Chosen By House Owners

It’s a surprise each house owner would prefer not to face. It’s a nightmare every property investor would prefer to not encounter. Termites – unwanted, unrepentant, and unstoppable. But yet, that was in those days when pest controllers had no other weapon to annihilate these damnable pests but with chemically based termiticides. In 2002, Termidor termite treatments were born and a group of home owners and property investors suddenly had one powerful pest handling system.   It’s a one big step to having a more comfortable home to reside in.

Undoubtedly, no other termiticide can claim on having an organized method for pest control as Termidor has done – and with sufficient proof. Prior to the newly discovered termiticide was presented to the general public, it underwent a variety of trials all over the world. From the eight-year testing and analysis performed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to the 10-year field studies and lab testing conducted by Australia, Termidor has proven to thoroughly annihilate termites 100% of the time. The trials and testing were so effective that the maker, BASF, was able to extend its product’s coverage from five to 8 years.

Beyond the scientific research and the awe-inspiring outcomes from lab tests, Termidor is the pest management tool Sydney people prefer because it mainly gets the job done. Termidor is supplied in 2 formulations: dust and residual. This guarantees each home gets full protection (inside and outside) from upcoming termite attacks. The dust formulation is used inside the home, wherever the termites seem to be, and even around the yard. On the other hand, the residual termiticide is used in the soil around and under the home, transforming these areas into a constant chemical zone for termites. Because Termidor is non-repellant, termites will continue to feed on the area and not realise they’ve consumed the termiticide. And here’s where the “Transfer Effect™” does its part.  

When a termite comes into contact with another termite that has consumed the termiticide, it becomes infected and later on dies in a couple of hours. Because termites are known as social insects (they groom and feed one another, and they have been known to eat their dead), Termidor’s one-of-a-kind “Transfer Effect™” effectively kills a whole colony, which according to research, occurs in two to four weeks.  

Yet despite these findings, more innovations are being made to Termidor. This includes a new formulation for Termidor Dust, which is said to improve flowability in treated areas. The maker consistently makes improvements to the remarkable termiticide by receiving evaluations from experts who do termite inspections. Such worthwhile ideas are creating the path for a pest control movement that will hopefully keep termites out of homes – permanently.