Skylights offer Benefits to both Residential and Commercial Customers

VTECH can be a company that’s founded in 2000 it’s got greater than ten years of experience with Reaction injection Molding technology, called RIM. The business also has over ten experience in research and development and 25 years of on-the-job experience. All of this results in an organization that may offer both residential and commercial customers the best skylights on the market. VTECH skylights excel under the most extreme testing possible, they meet the strictest quality standards, including that regarding Dade county Florida, and VTEC supplies a transferable warranty on a bunch of their skylights. You will find that VTECH skylights is not going to warp, leak, orrequire maintenance.

Forms of VTECH Skylights

VTECH offers variations of skylights in a range of sizes that will fit the bill if you are a residential or commercial customer. We’re going to examine probably the most common varieties of skylights sold by VTECH. The very first type is curb-mounted cap skylights. This is one kind of VTECH’s patented skylights that offer the client simple installation on new or pre-existing curbs. These skylights offer unprecedented clarity and sturdiness, and they feature energy-efficient, argon-filled dual glass, or polycarbonate panels. These commercial grade componemnts ensure the skylights can withstand installation and anything nature can throw their way. Mentioned previously, these skylights feature a 10+ year transferable warranty with regards to the product.

Seamless Self-Flashing Skylights

Another of VTECH’s patented skylights could be the Seamless Self-Flashing Skylight. These skylights offer easy installation for first time applications. They’re very durable and 100% leak-proof. These skylights do not require a pre-built curb for SSF installations. Due to aliphatic polyurethane, the skylights can be employed with any roofing materials. One can choose from standard sizes which will meet the requirements of any user whether residential or commercial, and so are backed by the same 10+ year transferable warranty.

Why VTECH Skylights Special?

Be simple fact is the patented technology used by VTECH. Traditional skylights really are a pane of insulated standard glass that are part of wooden box. This box includes an aluminum frame, angle, gaskets, setting block, and different styles of screws. If one bit of this construction is missing or improperly aligned, then the entire unit is compromised, and susceptible to leaks.

VTECH’s Solid-State Skylight

VTECH’s solid-state skylights are made to fix all of the drawbacks that have prevented a lot of people from enjoying their skylights and the daylight that they’re renowned for providing. The skylight and frame come your way being a single unit, bonded through our patented molding process. The SSF version comes with an integral curb, which eliminates the a lot of the carpentry normally associated with installing skylights. The Curb-Mounted Cap version can be acquired for seamless retrofitting. VTECH skylights feature everything you will require for installation, even an alignment post, screws, and sealant.