Stompa Beds and High Sleeper Beds: A Few Top Tips

If you’re looking to equip a child’s bedroom , nowadays the extent of choice on offer for the kids beds you select is almost endless . There are almost as many choices and types of child’s bed as there are kids in the world. Well, perhaps not, but there remains a humungous amount that you can choose between on the market, as even a cursory search of the web or a short stroll through the local bed shop could show you. So before choosing a bed you ought to get a proper understanding of precisely what you need your children’s bed to do- what do you want in a bed? Perhaps a child’s TV series is important to you and your kids , so you could choose a themed bed. Or maybe space is limited and you will opt for bunk beds.

If you like the idea of build quality , cutting edge design and genuinely decent value for money, the chances are that you have previously heard of the Stompa Beds company and are already planning on getting one of those for your refurnishing project.  is a well-known Norwegian builder of beds that has been manufacturing and wholesaling first-rate , fairly priced and robustly made beds for more than fifty years. A family owned firm , Stompa Beds now sell all over most of Northern Europe, with Stompa Beds sold in Norway, Holland , across Scandinavia, Germany and Finland and of course Great Britain . Stompa Beds were originally retailed in Britain in 1980 and are now available through greater than 300 bed shops all over the country.

More than just its much-admired bunk beds, Stompa Beds is famed for the quality and range it offers to the high sleeper beds market. High sleeper beds are a cunning space economizer and terrifically acclaimed by parents of high-school children due to the desk and storage space they offer below the bed area. At heart high sleeper beds are much like bunk beds that use only the upper bed, with the lower area used for storage , sitting areas, workspace or some variety of the three . Stompa beds’ creative approach to bed design and their concentration on providing a solid, well assembled piece of furniture, mean that they are capable of delivering first rate high sleeper beds that match a wide variety of circumstances .

High sleeper beds are nearly as versatile and flexible as beds are themselves- this is another situation where you should develop a firm idea of what you want the bed to deliver before you start looking for it. Would you like your high sleeper beds to have comfortable seating beneath the bed area, for example ? Or is the room small and cupboard space consequently the most needed trait for your high sleeper beds? Allowing them to cater for a big range of possible activities in the underneath area of the bed, many of Stompa Beds’  kids high beds   are singularly high. It would therefore be recommended to also have a full understanding of the amount of room you have to work with when choosing a new bed, giving specific focus to the distance to the ceiling.