Telescopic Ladders: Selecting the Right Piece

Telescopic ladders have a myriad of uses. If you already have one, then you probably find more and more of its purposes. So, what is a telescopic ladder? Its a tool with different sections divided according to the length of the ladder. The most vital thing beginners should know about this tool, however, is that its vertical stiles measure in varying diameters. This feature allows the ladder to be collapsed to a much shorter length for storage or transport. Its sections, moreover, can be locked securely into place so it is very stable and safe to use. This tool is a very good choice for both home owners and tradesmen. Below are some additional information.

Telescopic Ladders: Some of its Advantages

Besides being easy to extend and collapse, most telescopic ladders are made from aluminium, making them very lightweight. Since they are made of a material that does not corrode or rust, these ladders can be stored outdoors as well. The downside of this material is that it is a conductor so it is not allowed to be used around electrical sources. Ladders made of materials like timber and glass fibre are better options for these situations. Timber, however, require much maintenance and glass fibre can splinter under load unlike aluminium. This type of ladder, therefore, is the perfect choice for those who are looking for durable and maintenance free ladders.

Telescopic Ladders: The TB Davies Xtend & Climb 3.8m Model

This popular telescopic aluminium ladder sells for about £200.00. The Xtend & Climb weighs 150kg, and has 13 sturdy treads. This ladder follows a set of manufacturing and performance standards as seen by its compliance to the EU class rating and EN131 UK. Its normal height is 3.8m but its telescoped closed height is only .81m. It has an overall weight of 12.8kg and can be used for commercial, trade, professional, and home use. This ladder can also be used for any of its 12 height increments and it can support a maximum weight of 150kg. Engaging its extend lock mechanism is the only thing needed to raise this ladder to its desired height. The ladder’s rungs are square to lend maximum stability when climbing and standing.

Telescopic Ladders: The Xtend & Climb Trade Model

If you have need of a light-duty yet highly durable ladder, then do be sure to consider the TB Davies Xtend & Climb trade telescopic model. It has an ergonomic design which makes it one of the most compact and comfortable ladders at present. It is very uncomplicated to deploy, operate, and adjust and it is also very easy to use even by those with smaller hands. The locking tab indicators are color coded red and green, so it’s easy to ensure that the ladder is correctly set up and safe to climb. This model which can carry a maximum load of 150kg has 9 rungs all in all.

For the ultimate in telescopic ladders, be sure to choose a quality product from a reputable and experienced company.