The Little Chores Can Be Taken Care Of Now That Spring Is Here

During the winter months it’s sensible to remain inside as much as possible whilst only choosing to venture out to take the dog for a walk or for a short jog down the country lanes. The outside of properties are usually ignored until spring appears. It’s then time to take a wander around the property, checking whether the window frames need repainting and removing moss from the gutters before they start to overflow.


At the same time it is useful to check that the greenhouse is clean and tidy, ready to welcome the seeds which soon will be planted in military style rows in tiny peat pots. Weeds don’t seem to stop growing during the winter so this is the time when they should be removed before the soil can be turned over. The first grass cut of the year is also done at this time and to make the lawn look nicer, trimmers are also out in force.


These are all fairly little jobs, but it is surprising how long they take. You will be surprised at how these jobs can eat up a couple of weekends especially if you have to clean your patio with the power hose before taking the outdoor furniture back out from the garage again.


During April it is also a good time to spring-clean the house, and to clear out items which have been kept for years just in case they may be required in the future. Brighten the inside of the home by repainting the living room and adding wallpaper as a feature. A couple of footstools in different sizes could be bought to spruce up the furniture. Footstools are so functional. Ensure that one of them has a removable top so that magazines or knitting wool can be stored inside. This means that your living room will always look neat and tidy.


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