The Zarges Professional Model 41930 of Telescopic Ladders

Needing ladders of varying lengths is important for tradesmen and DIYers. Despite of the fact that extension ladders seem enough, they are not always fit for all situations. Hence the coming of telescopic ladders with their clever, adjustable designs. Besides from being just versatile, these ladders are also strong and stable. A telescopic ladder is composed of a number of sections with stiles or vertical members each that are smaller in diameter than the stile below it. Users of these ladders can extend them to the exact number of sections they need with the help of reliable and strong locking mechanisms on each sections. When not in use, many of these ladders collapse to a size that’s less than 1 metre high. So, they’re ideal for people with limited storage space.

Important Features of Telescopic Ladders

When picking for telescopic ladders, make sure that the choice you are eyeing conforms to the very important EN131 safety standard. This standard ensured that the ladder has passed strict safety tests and are only made from quality materials. An EN131 certified ladder is allowed to be used for domestic and trade uses and environments. Inspect the ladder and make sure that you know how to use the extending and locking mechanism of the ladder. Smoothly and precisely locking in place is important for the locking mechanism. It is also very vital to read all the instructions and labels affixed to the ladder before actually using it. The professional telescopic model of ladder from the very popular Zarges range is something that we are quite partial to.

Telescopic Ladders: Features of the Zarges Professional Model

This ladder has all the features you’d expect in a quality, well-designed telescopic ladder. Unlike other models from its competitors, this ladder is equipped with an innovative protective plastic clip which they call the ‘anti-pinch’ system and protects the fingers of the users from getting injured when they are collapsing the ladder. It also has a safety feature which is its large, rounded rubber feet that provides industrial grip on different surfaces. Modifying the length depending on its use is very easy since this ladder can be extended rung by rung. In addition, it’s small enough to fit in the boot of a car when fully collapsed. The ladder’s extended height range is between 4.20m and 6.40m. Its closed height, on the other hand, is 1.29 metres and it can also handle a maximum weight of 150kg. This maximum load refers to the weight of the user and his tools and materials. Four study treads is also included in this ladder which weighs around 13kg. The width of its base is 0.56m. Expect to pay about £360, including VAT, for this versatile performer.

Telescopic Ladders Brand: Zarges

Zarges is a company that focuses and specializes in scaffolding, access products, access technology, and lifts for maintenance. Their products encompass around 500 different types of  ladder equipment, mobile scaffold towers made from aluminium and glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP), and ladders. Products made by this company can either be used for crafts and industrial uses and it can work for service companies for trade, garden applications, DIY, and home uses.

Telescopic ladders such as the Zarges professional model 41930 is a great choice for both homeowners and tradesmen.