To Remodel or Build a New Sustainable Home?

 ripping  down a home can  create  a  huge  amount of excess waste. Doing a remodel with minimal take down can help to reduce this excess waste while  improving  the sustainability of your home. There are a lot of easy and fairly  cheap  ways to make your house more green. There are minor things like using more energy efficient lighting and faucets that  decrease water use  or you can choose to do bigger things such as installing better windows, buying energy star appliances or installing solar panels. Some of these bigger fixes even offer tax credits as an incentive.

It is possible to buy homes that are already US Green Building Council certified. This option can save you the large amount of time that goes into building a  sustainable  custom home. If you are dead set on building a green home then the first thing that you need to do is find a  solid  architect. Find someone that you like and has experience in building green homes . Don’t just choose someone because they cost less. This is something that you will have to live with for  years to come  and a bad design will forever be on display.

Once you have a design laid out you need to find find a  contractor  . This should be someone that has worked in green  building  before and knows exactly what they’re doing. Don’t let your  house  be the builders learning experience. You want top notch building , not guesswork.

This is the main portion of your green building process but always remember that things will come up. It might end up costing more than you planned or take longer than you  had thought  for reasons that are beyond you or your builders control. You need to be prepared for these situations in case they arise. Good luck and happy green building.