Trying To Find New Kitchen Surfaces? Discover The Fundamentals Of Granite Kitchen Worktops

Are you looking into purchasing new  granite kitchen worktops for your kitchen, but would first prefer to read more about the fundamentals of granite? Many people go for granite kitchen surfaces over alternatives such as laminate, wood or quartz, as a result of numerous benefits that granite offers your kitchen.

Essentially, granite is an igneous rock that is made up of multiple natural minerals and materials including feldspar, mica, silica and quartz. As a result, granite is left with a luxurious sheen and stunning visual appeal which is hard to spot elsewhere. It also means that each granite slab varies; this can mean in colour, depth and the crystal variations which can be spotted in the material. Because of this, you can reap the benefits of dazzling surfaces that happen to be personal to you.

The more common choices of colour for granite are generally white, grey or black as these are what can work best with modern and stylish kitchen designs. Incredibly stunning to behold, with granite worktops there is no doubt that the visual appeal of your kitchen is going to be immediately boosted. However, granite isn’t only popular for its visual appeal – what’s more, it offers an assortment of useful advantages. Granite worktops are extremely durable as they are not only heat resistant but additionally easy to clean and sturdy.

However, how can you guarantee that after you have had your gorgeous new granite  put in that you keep them in spotless condition? Although protected from nearly all spillages and stains, there are a few substances which you should make sure to remove right away. This includes mustard, wine, oils and anything acidic. Nonetheless, with a simple wipe-over with a wet cloth you can rest assured your granite surfaces will remain untarnished. Furthermore, most granite worktops could have been sealed with a protective coating, prior to being offered for sale. Nonetheless, your surfaces would still gain from being retreated with a protective seal on a two yearly basis. Regardless of being so robust, it is crucial that you try to take care of your granite kitchen surfaces, as the distinctive patterns of each worktop means it is difficult to replace damaged surface areas with new matching granite. 

Furthermore, before you can have granite worktops installed you will have to have your cabinets checked to ensure that they are able to withstand the weight of the granite. Granite kitchen worktops can be extremely heavy, weighing roughly 11-14 kg per square foot. Having said this, there is no need for a sub deck to be installed between your cabinets and the new granite surface.

So, if you are keen to learn more about what granite has to offer then you can select  for more information.