What to Look for in a High Quality Detached Garage

It is time to develop a garage or possibly replace an existing garage.  What should you look for?  What are some characteristics of a quality garage in Chicago?  Look for these things.  

•Take a look at the stud spacing.  A high quality garage will have the studs spaced at 16″ on center.  Some structures use 24″ studs on center to save cash.  Studs spaced at 16″ on center offer much more assistance for the sheathing and siding making for a more stable garage wall.  

•How are the rafters and ceiling joists spaced?  In less expensive structures, the horizontal framing members are spaced 4 feet apart.  The rafters, or diagonal members that make up the garage’s roof pitch, might be 2′-3′ apart.  That alone spells disaster when the roof is under strain from heavy snow or if someone is replacing the roof.  

•What is the roofing like?  The roof must be composed of high quality shingles or metal.  On cheap builds, the roof is really skimped on to save a couple of bucks.  Felt for the roof ought to be placed as per the manufacturer’s recommendations so a thermal barrier and protection is supplied for the sheathing.  The roof sheathing itself ought to be at least a 7/16 O.S.B., based upon the joist spacing.

•What materials went in to the floor?  One way individuals skimp on the quality of their garage is by not putting a floor in at all.  The structure is merely built over whatever the driveway was produced of.  A great quality garage floor is concrete with adequate drainage to help keep the floor reasonably dry when it’s wet outside.

•What about the wall sheathing?  On garages of lower quality the wall sheathing is fiberboard.  In the short run, this will save cash, but long-term repairs will soon add up.  

•Keep in mind how the garage will be utilized.  Someone’s ideal garage may be junk to other people.  Do not forget about storage space and also the dreaded support pole right in the middle of the room.  In the event you envisioned a completely open space and then get stuck having a large metal support pole, you will not be happy!  To learn more about how high quality detached garages should be built, visit here.