Wind Damage and the Danger of Downed Power Lines

With wind damage fully able of uprooting large trees, it becomes no issue at all for it to knock down power lines. Electrical wiring becomes an all new hazard in the midst of the storm.

It seems like extreme weather is becoming more and more widespread, with strong storms and major wind damage being reported almost daily across the country. Wind plays a major role here, ready to uproot trees and damage structures. Almost any storm finds neighborhoods eradicating torn up trees and ripped off limbs.

If the trees simply fell, that would be awful enough, but fairly often they catch power lines on the way down, leaving live wires writhing and sparking on the ground and posing a considerable danger to anyone who may possibly walk through the area. Children are specifically at risk, as they don’t acknowledge the immediate danger when they see it.

If you uncover downed power lines in your neighborhood, take the time to stick to a couple of common sense safety guidelines to safeguard yourself and your family.

All downs wires should be regarded as active, live, and therefore risky. Even if you know the lines are inactive, refrain from approaching them. You don’t want to have them in your hands when the power can come surging back on. There is no warning before the wires go active once more, and a individual touching them could be seriously injured.

Stay at least ten feet away from downed wires. If you can, stay near by and tell other folks of the danger. People disregard signs and will cross barriers without a second thought, so the town crier approach is always best.

Electricity is drawn to the Earth, ideally through the path of least resistance. Even standing on the grand near to downed wires may be risky. Remember the ten foot rule and stick to it.

Injuries are caused every year by men and women who start sawing away at downed trees without realizing that there are live wires entangled in them. Electricity is completely able of traveling through tree limbs, so make sure the tree is free and clear of anything man made ahead of you break out the chainsaw.

Some people today use things to move downed wires, blissfully unaware of what is conductive and what isn’t.  Using a metal pole to shift a downed wire could result in unlucky consequences.

If you are in your automobile and a power line can come down on it, stay where you are. You are completely well grounded if you remain in the car. Warn off men and women outside as they may perhaps be seriously hurt if they contact your car.

If somebody else does come in contact with a downed power line, do not attempt to assist them as you may become a sufferer as well. Call 911 and stay on the scene until aid arrives.