Working of Security Cameras

It is very possible to have hundred or even thousands of cameras in the modern Security Camera systems. Thus the authorized person or persons can able to monitor or view the things that are happening around the building. This is inconceivable. To overcome this problem modern Security Camera use the “view free” and “hand free” systems. View free video is accomplished through recording “events” versus continuous recording of empty areas. Event recording is accomplished through various forms of ‘alarm interfacing’. That is a magnetic switch may be added to a door to trigger the camera’s assigned recording device to record the image from the camera in the ‘event’ that the door is opened. The videos that are recorded in the tapes, disc, or hard drives as well as precious time will be saved. Hands free video systems are also accomplished through the use of various types of electronic, programmable triggers that is the door that are opened the video recorder started recording automatically and continued until the door closed.

This action frees the guard from being needed to control the function of the system versus responding to the situation. Many systems today have the ability to be ‘pre-positioned programmed’. This gives the designer or operator the ability to set up multiple viewpoints in advance of need. A more complete assessment indicates that when it comes to preventing and solving crimes, the cameras are about as useful as a pet rock. Britain has 4 million of them, but a 2005 report by the British government found little evidence to justify the effort. Video surveillance, it said, “Produced no overall effect” on crime. In this way, cameras can use either mechanical or digital that can be programmed to automatically move from point to point in a pre-determined route. Additionally, alarm points that are programmed such as the door in the previous paragraph can be added to automatically move the camera’s view to the alarmed position when needed. Once again the operator is freed up to respond to versus operate the system. Systems are ranges in size from being within a single building, to a complex of buildings, to large campuses and city centers, and can even span across a continent. Such monitoring of areas and activities may be used for security, safety, industrial, or private purposes. The visual images created by a Security Camera may be viewed while an event is happening or recorded for ‘after-the-fact’ review either on-site or off-site.