Year-Long Lawn Care

When the frost retires for the year and spring comes on strong, homeowners will start looking at ways to boost the look of their lawn. By carefully eradicating weeds before they begin to multiply in the yard, they can stay on top of of things and ultimately keep their property beautifully landscaped. There are a few particular tips that may come in handy when it comes to annual lawn care.

As the grass starts to grow again, homeowners will need to make sure that they have a lawnmower that is in good working condition. The best lawnmowers will cost a little bit more but will ultimately be more sturdy in the long run. Gas mowers are beneficial for larger land plots, while electric mowers work better for smaller yards where an outdoor electrical outlet is easily accessible. The blades themselves should be kept sharp so that they are efficient at cutting through grass and weeds. Dull blades can damage grass and invite disease. As a word of caution, homeowners should always unhook the sparkplugs before they sharpen the blade. If they are at all uncertain of the process, they should, of course, have a professional perform the work for safety reasons.

Spring can also be an excellent time to level an area of your yard that is uneven. Higher areas can be removed with either manual shovels or automatic machines. Depressed areas can be filled in with extra soil. Level ground ultimately gives better growing conditions for the grass itself. If homeowners have decided to plant new grass seed in an area that was formerly devoid of plant growth, then level ground will give the seeds a better chance to receive the water and nutrients that are required for growth.

Property owners, when it comes to weed control, may even call on lawn care professionals to help out. Some weed control companies will be adept at killing the roots of the weeds so that nothing comes back. Because the grass itself will be unaffected, this is a excellent option for anyone with limited time. They will be guaranteed a pristine yard for the better part of the year.

Ultimately, lawn care should be considered an ongoing process. As long as families keep up with the work and fertilize routinely, they should coax a soft cover of green grass from the ground. With the eradication of troublesome weeds, that grass should see healthy growth going forward.